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Why Choose Bosch?

Think Bosch and engineering excellence comes to mind. It’s been that way for over 130 years and our home appliances continue to be renowned for their quality, reliability and performance.
We are so confident we have a line-up of appliances you can rely on, we are offering a free, extended 5 year warranty on

selected built-in and freestanding appliances along with the promise that our team of qualified engineers are on hand should you need them.

So when you want pure, clean lines and beautiful, functional simplicity that will enhance any kitchen, think Bosch.

Life tastes better with the right oven.

We measure our ovens by much more than perfect baking results. We build them from the most stable materials and test their durability in endless stress tests.
Designed to integrate into any kitchen, there’s a wide choice of models with plenty of helpful features that help you deliver delicious food whatever you’re cooking. Even heat distribution, added steam, even advice on how to cook dishes will ensure every meal is faultless. And with pyrolytic self-cleaning, the after meal clean-up has never been easier.

Bosch HBS534BB0B Series 4, Built-in oven, 60 x 60 cm Built-in Single Electric Oven Black
£ 449.00
Bosch PCP6A5B90 Serie | 6 - 4 x Burners Gas Hob Stainless steel
£ 329.00
Bosch HBS534BS0B Built-in Single Electric Oven Stainless steel
£ 429.00
Bosch HHF113BA0B Serie | 2 60cm 66 Litres Built-in Single Electric Oven Black
£ 349.00
Bosch CMA583MS0B Serie | 4 Microwave with hot air 60 x 45cm 900W Built-in Microwave Stainless steel
£ 629.00
Bosch BEL523MS0B Serie | 4 60cm 800W 20Litres Built-in Microwave Stainless steel
£ 499.00
Bosch CSG656BS7B Serie | 8 60 x 45 cm Compact oven with steam function Built-in Microwave Stainless steel
£ 1259.00
Bosch BFL523MS0B Serie | 4, 60 x 38 cm Built In Wall Built-in Microwave Stainless steel
£ 429.00
Bosch BIC510NS0B Serie | 6 60 x 14cm 14 x Plates 64 x Espresso Cups 23-Litres Built-in Warming Drawer Stainless steel
£ 379.00
Bosch MHA133BR0B Built-in Double Electric Oven Stainless steel
£ 659.00
Bosch HHF113BR0B Built-in Single Electric Oven Stainless steel
£ 349.00
Bosch Serie | 2 PBP6B5B80 60cm 4 Burner Gas Hob Stainless steel
£ 189.00
Bosch Serie | 8 BIC630NS1B 60 x 14 cm 12 plates or 64 Espresso cups Built-in Warming Drawer Stainless steel
£ 449.00
Bosch NBS533BS0B Serie | 4 Built-Under Double Electric Oven Stainless steel
£ 999.00
Bosch CMA583MB0B Serie | 4 Microwave with Hot air 60 x 45 cm 900 W Built-in Microwave Black
£ 679.00
Bosch BFL553MS0B Serie | 4 Built-in Microwave Stainless steel
£ 479.00
Bosch PUE611BB5B, Serie | 4, 60 cm, surface mount without frame ( Just plug-in & go ) Induction Hob Black
£ 439.00
Bosch PUG61RAA5B Series 2, 60 cm Induction Hob Black
£ 309.00
Bosch PPP6A6B90 Series 6, 60 cm, Tempered glass Gas Hob Black
£ 499.00
Bosch MBS533BS0B Serie | 4 Built-in Double Electric Oven Stainless steel
£ 859.00
Bosch HBG539EB0 Series 6, 60 x 60cm 71-Litres Built-in Single Electric Oven Black
£ 599.00
Bosch PVQ651FC5E 60cm Surface mount without frame Serie | 6 Induction Hob Black
£ 759.00
Bosch PBP6B5B60 Serie | 2 ( 4 x Burner 60cm) Gas Hob Brushed Steel
£ 229.00
Bosch HRG6769S6B Series 8, with added steam function, 60 x 60 cm Built-in Single Electric Oven Stainless steel
£ 1429.00
Bosch CTL636ES6 Serie | 8 Built-in Coffee Machine Stainless steel
£ 1899.00
Bosch PGP6B5B90 Series 4, 60 cm Gas Hob Stainless steel
£ 299.00
Bosch HBS573BS0B Built-in Single Electric Oven Stainless steel
£ 659.00
Bosch PXX975DC1E Serie | 8, 90 cm, surface mount with frame Induction Hob Black
£ 1579.00

A breath of fresh air in the kitchen.

To make sure that you only smell what you really want to smell when you’re cooking, we have developed a range of powerful cooker hoods. Steam and odours are removed at the source without being given the chance to spread into your kitchen. And insulation and a low-noise EcoSilence Drive make our extractor hoods so quiet that you and your guests will barely hear a thing. Our wide range of sizes and designs make finding the ideal hood for your kitchen easy.

Fridges and freezers with fresh ideas.

Our stylish fridges and freezers use energy-efficient technologies, flexible interiors and innovative systems for cooling and freezing. Discover handy features such as clear shelving, spacious boxes and ingenious dividers so you always know just what food you have in your fridge. You’ll save money and time too. Our VitaFresh system keeps your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer so there’s little waste. And NoFrost prevents ice from forming inside so you’ll never have to defrost the freezer again.

Bosch GUD15AFF0G Built-under Integrated Freezer
£ 479.00
Bosch KIL82AFF0G Series 6 177.5 x 56 cm, flat hinge , Fridge with freezer section Integrated Fridge White
£ 699.00
Bosch KIV87NSF0G Series 2, Built-in fridge-freezer with freezer at bottom, 177.2 x 54.1 cm, sliding hinge Integrated Fridge Freezer White
£ 589.00
Bosch KUR15AFF0G 137 Litres Built Under Integrated Fridge
£ 469.00
Bosch KGN362LDFG Series 4 70/30 186 x 60cm No Frost 321-litres Freestanding Fridge-Freezer Inox
£ 799.00
Bosch KIN86NFF0G Serie | 2 177.2 x 54.1 cm Integrated Fridge Freezer White
£ 749.00
Bosch KGN27NLFAG Serie | 2 182.4 x 55cm *No Frost* 50/50 Freestanding Fridge-Freezer Inox
£ 539.00
Bosch GSN36AWFPG 242-Litre, No Frost, Upright Freestanding Freezer White
£ 599.00
Bosch KGN362WDFG Series 4, 186 x 60 cm, No Frost, 60/40, 321-Litres Freestanding Fridge-Freezer White
£ 709.00
Bosch KGN34NLEAG Serie | 2 60/40 **Frost Free** Freestanding Fridge-Freezer Inox
£ 549.00

Think Bosch for your wash.

Our laundry appliances are fully loaded with features that save water, energy and money – not to mention time and effort when washing and drying your clothes. Bosch washing machines feature Speedperfect and Ecosilence drive to get your laundry clean quickly and quietly. And our tumble dryers are among the most efficient in the world, whether you choose a heat pump dryer or a condenser. All of them are tested to the extreme, so we know they’re ready for any challenge you throw at them.

Bosch WTH85222GB Serie | 4 Condenser 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Freestanding Dryer White
£ 589.00
Bosch WIW28502GB Series 8, Built-in washing machine, 8 kg, 1400 rpm Integrated Washing Machine White
£ 769.00
Bosch WNA134U8GB Serie 4, , 8/5 kg, 1400 rpm Freestanding Washer Dryer White
£ 599.00
Bosch WTN83201GB Series 4, 8kg Condenser tumble Freestanding Dryer White
£ 419.00
Bosch WQG245R9GB Series 6Heat pump tumble 9 kg Freestanding Dryer Cast Iron Grey
£ 799.00
Bosch WTN85201GB Serie | 4 - 7 kg Condenser Tumble Freestanding Dryer White
£ 449.00
Bosch WGG04409GB Serie | 4, front loader, 9 kg, 1400 rpm Freestanding Washing Machine White
£ 469.00
Bosch WAN28209GB Serie | 4, front loader, 9 kg, 1400 rpm, Freestanding Washing Machine White
£ 549.00
Bosch WDU8H541GB Serie | 8, 10/6 kg, 1400 rpm, Freestanding Washer Dryer White
£ 949.00
Bosch WTH84000GB Serie | 4 Heat Pump Tumble 8kg Freestanding Dryer White
£ 499.00
Bosch WAJ28008GB 1400spin 7kg Freestanding Washing Machine White
£ 379.00
Bosch Serie | 4 WAN28281GB Front Loader 8kg 1400spin Freestanding Washing Machine White
£ 469.00

A dishwasher for every kitchen.

Built-in or freestanding, Bosch dishwashers are packed with innovative technology that’s designed with you in mind. Our VarioFlex and VarioDrawer features enable you to flexibly load your dishwasher, while SpeedPerfect+ and the Eco setting give you choices without compromising effectiveness. And our dishwashers dry as well as they wash. PerfectDry uses natural Zeolith® minerals to remove humidity from inside the dishwasher, leaving you with cupboard-ready dishes. There’s even a TimeLight display to discreetly project key information onto the floor. What more could you want from a dishwasher?

Bosch SMV2ITX18G 60cm Serie | 2 Fully-integrated 12 place settings Integrated Dishwasher White
£ 459.00
Bosch SPV2HKX39G 45cm 9 Place Integrated Dishwasher Black
£ 419.00
Bosch SMV4HVX38G Serie | 4 60 cm Fully-integrated 13 place settings Integrated Dishwasher
£ 549.00
Bosch SMV4HTX27G Series 4, Fully-integrated 12 Place Settings Integrated Dishwasher
£ 519.00