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The choice between a washing machine and a washer dryer depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you have enough space and want to optimise your energy and water usage, a  washing machine may be the better choice. If you have limited space or want the convenience of a single machine that can wash and dry clothes, a washer dryer may be the better option.

The difference between vented and condenser dryers

A condenser dryer and a vented dryer are two different types of clothes dryers that work in different ways.

A vented dryer works by expelling hot, moist air from the dryer through a vent or duct to the outside of your home. This helps to remove the moisture from your clothes as they dry. Vented dryers are typically less expensive than condenser dryers and tend to dry clothes faster.

A condenser dryer, on the other hand, collects the moisture from your clothes in a container or tank that you have to empty manually. These dryers don't need to be vented outside, so they can be installed in more locations, such as apartments or closets. Condenser dryers tend to be more expensive than vented dryers, but they're also more energy-efficient, which can save you money on your utility bills over time.

Overall, the main differences between a condenser and a vented dryer are the way they remove moisture from clothes and how they vent that moisture out of the machine. If you have the option, consider your living situation and drying needs to decide which type of dryer is right for you.


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