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Bosch 5 Year warrant on selected products

The extended 5 year warranty.*

Valid between 01.04.23 - 31.03.24

All Bosch home appliances come with a standard 2 year warranty. For a limited period only, the following appliances now come with a free extended parts and labour 5 year warranty.

Where appliancess state ‘out of stock’ on our website, all appliances can still be ordered in for your convenience.
Appliances can still be view at our showroom and ordered in-store. Contact us for details or visit the showroom.

Category                             Product Code
Dishwasher                        SMS6ZDW48G
Dishwasher                        SMS6ZCW00G
Dishwasher                        SMS6ZCI00G
Dishwasher                        SMV6ZCX01G
Dishwasher                        SMD6ZCX60G
Fridge Freezer                   KGN39AWCTG
Fridge Freezer                   KGN392WDFG
Fridge Freezer                   KGN392LDFG
Fridge Freezer                   KGN39AIAT
Fridge French Door          KFF96PIEP
Fridge Multi Door             KFN96APEAG
Fridge Multi Door             KFN96VPEAG
Freezer Single Door         GIN81AEF0G
Freezer Single Door         GIN81HCE0G
Fridge Freezer                   KIN86VSE0G
Fridge Freezer                   KIN86VFE0G
Fridge Single Door           KIR81AFE0G
Washing Machine           WAN28250GB
Washing Machine           WGG04409GB
Washing Machine           WGG24409GB
Washing Machine           WGG2440XGB
Washing Machine           WGG2449RGB
Washing Machine           WGG244A9GB
Washing Machine           WGG244F9GB
Washing Machine           WGG244ARGB
Washing Machine           WGG244FRGB
Washing Machine           WGG25402GB
Washing Machine           WGG245S2GB
Washing Machine           WGG254F0GB
Washing Machine           WGB256A1GB
Washing Machine           WIW28502GB
Dryer                                 WQG24509GB
Dryer                                 WQG245R9GB
Dryer                                 WQG245S9GB
Dryer                                 WQB246C9GB
Oven                                  HBS573BS0B
Oven                                  HBS573BB0B
Hob                                    PIE631BB5E
Hood                                  DWK67CM60B


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Qualifying Products

Bosch WGG2449RGB Series 6, Washing machine, front loader, 9 kg, 1400 rpm Freestanding Washing Machine Cast Iron Grey
£ 619.00
Bosch WIW28502GB Series 8, Built-in washing machine, 8 kg, 1400 rpm Integrated Washing Machine White
£ 769.00
Bosch WQG245R9GB Series 6Heat pump tumble 9 kg Freestanding Dryer Cast Iron Grey
£ 719.00
Bosch HBS573BS0B Built-in Single Electric Oven Stainless steel
£ 659.00
Bosch PIE631BB5E Serie | 4, Induction hob, 60 cm, Black, surface mount without frame Induction Hob Black
£ 449.00
Bosch WAN28250GB Series 4 8kg 1400Spin Freestanding Washing Machine White
£ 469.00
Bosch WGG04409GB Serie | 4, front loader, 9 kg, 1400 rpm Freestanding Washing Machine White
£ 469.00